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Boulder, CO

Handmade ceramics for the table and home, intended to use and enjoy. Made in Boulder Colorado. 


Carved Porcelain Necklace - Grey


The AWK Clayworks shop will be re-stocked on Friday April 6, at 12pm MST. Thank you for your patience, and happy shopping!

Carved Porcelain Necklace - Grey


Carved Porcelain Necklace - Grey


This carved porcelain necklace is lightweight, and ads just a touch of contemporary sophistication to your style. The 28” chain makes it a long statement piece.

I wear my porcelain necklaces ALL THE TIME (sorry for yelling, I just get excited sometimes). These necklaces are surprisingly durable, and you wouldn’t believe how many compliments get on them.

The Details:

  • Carved porcelain pendant.

  • Glazed in a soft grey.

  • Pendant measures 4” across.

  • Antique bronze chain.

  • Chain length - 28”

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